International Centre for Climate Change & Development (Bangladesh)

A leading research and capacity building organisation working on climate change and development. 

Shushilan (Bangladesh)

A non-governmental organisation with the specific mission to redress the declining natural resource base, livelihoods and food security of people in the southwest coastal region.

Institute for Peace & Conflict Studies (Somaliland) 

A teaching and research centre at the University of Hargeisa, established in partnership with Eastern Mennonite University. 

Ministry of Planning & National Development (Somaliland) 

The Somaliland government’s ministry responsible for research and policy development initiatives for the growth of the national economy and the expansion of public infrastructure. 

Centre for Migration Research & Development (Sri Lanka) 

A non-profit company that aims to build knowledge and understanding of the interaction between migration and development, especially in the context of Sri Lanka. 


A non-governmental organisation that assists urban poor communities to improve their shelter and livelihoods. 

Durham University (UK) 

A globally outstanding centre of teaching and research excellence in a unique and historic setting. 

Institute for Development Studies (UK) 

A registered charity delivering world-class research, learning and teaching for more equitable and sustainable development globally. 

PositiveNegatives (UK)  

A non-profit that produces literary comics, animations and podcasts about contemporary social and humanitarian issues. 

University of Sussex (UK) 

A highly ranked research-intensive university near Brighton with both an international and local outlook.

Development Governance Institut(Zimbabwe) 

A research and consulting company active in Eastern and Southern Africa. 

Dialogue on Shelter (Zimbabwe) 

A registered trust that acts as the technical partner of the Zimbabwe Homeless People’s Federation. 

Slum/Shack Dwellers International (global) 

A network of community-based organizations of the urban poor in 33 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.